What if you could learn from an actual 7-figure forex trader?

My name is John David Rollins

In my 6.5 years of live market trading and analysis I have finally reached a point in my trading career where I asserted a “oneness” with the “money markets”. Learning how each market is essentially the same—yet unique in its own right. The stock market, crypto market & forex market are all in my reach of expertise to which my eyes can read. Trading is much deeper than money. Through my guidance and mentorship I am going to educate your mind in how to develop the mental awareness you must gain to see the bigger game being played.

What is Visual Prowess FX?

The true essence of Visual Prowess FX is centered around having an extraordinary ability to read the forex market. My method is constructed so that you will have exceptional, even superior ability to predict some of the most lucrative market setups. The set of eyes you will develop over the course of your training will be your true weapon and tool to lead you to financial freedom.


FX Academy (Online)



9 Lessons – No matter who you are in this industry, this course will help you make it through to financial freedom. Without proper education to your emotional intelligence to trading you will never make it. Listen closely, listen often, listen until you fully grasp what is about to happen, or happening to you currently.


Fibonacci Training

8 Lessons – Brought back by popular demand! This is one of my favorite tools in trading. It helps you synchronize the markets movements in waves. It gives you almost pinpoint access to where the market is likely to stop and reverse at. When it is about to take off and start trending, then once it is going to reverse. This tool is one of my secrets to a trending market.


Pattern Training

4 Lessons – Trading in any market wether it’s Forex, Stocks, or Crypto patterns happen often and always. It is a secret code that the markets speak. The patterns inside this course are giving you the exact formula to trade them the correct way in all markets.


Support & Resistance

3 Lessons – This is the markets true form. It is simple and basic. If you do not understand horizontal or diagonal support & resistance, marking up for the future set ups will evade you. This must be something you understand and master.

Live Forex Webinars w/ Q&A

Not fully understanding the FX Academy training videos? These live webinars are designed for you to watch everything I teach word for word- live in action. Once I am done, I will answer any and all questions you have on getting it down. Every Sunday @8pm EST.

Included with FX Academy


I understand online can be difficult, even with my live webinars. So I have a place for more serious people to go who need a more hands on approach. I tailor each 1-on-1 training specifically around you and how your mind portrays the market. We will schedule a consultation to see where your knowledge lies in the market – this step is critical in determining the plan for your training. In this time span I will show you real market reversal, where the real money is, and reveal my live trading accounts in the market so you can see how true A-Book trading works.

John’s Students

Financial freedom awaits…

I want you to understand something. Many of you are seeking time in this world. The closest thing I have found to gaining more time is more money. Smart Money—Money that does not sleep when you do. In this world you need valuable skills that you can get paid for your time. In learning and mastering what I call “market reversal” I can depict where the market is priming for reversal. In trading you must speak the language of market reversal. To make real income though you must learn to master your mind and emotions. When you master this rare skillset you will gain freedom & time until you are longer here on this earth. The skillset I am teaching you is truly a lifestyle.

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