What if you could learn from an actual 6-figure forex trader?

My name is John David Rollins

In my first year of trading, I lost $11,136. By year two, I was making that in one trade. Since 2016, I’ve made a full-time living off of trading forex. Currently, through trading alone, I bring in over 6-figures per year consistently. I founded OU5 / Visual Prowess FX to help others do the same.

What is Visual Prowess FX?

The true essence of Visual Prowess FX is centered around having an extraordinary ability to read the forex market. My method is constructed so that you will have exceptional, even superior ability to predict some of the most lucrative market setups. The set of eyes you will develop over the course of your training will be your true weapon and tool to lead you to financial freedom.


FX Academy (Online)



4 Lessons – The most important part of your training. Mastering your emotions and mindset is what will make you the most money in this industry.


Basic Strategy Training

7 Lessons – Beginning phases of learning the steps to train your eyes to see what actually matters when you view the market.


Intermediate Training

6 Lessons – An even more established foundation within the market to understand major keys paired with deeper knowledge to my strategy.


Advanced Training

4 Lesson – An in depth view of key levels in which we look to trade. Understanding what it takes for the market to even by “qualified” to trade and where to place proper orders in the market to make consistent money.

Live Forex Webinars w/ Q&A

Not fully understanding the FX Academy training videos? These live webinars are designed for you to watch everything I teach word for word- live in action. Once I am done, I will answer any and all questions you have on getting it down. Every Monday @8pm EST.

Included with FX Academy


If you want to take your trading to the next level extremely fast and knock off at least 2 years worth of your learning curve in 5-7 days, this is where you want to go. For beginners or advanced traders, we are going to pinpoint the exact areas for you in which you need to focus on. A perfect combination of psychological, training, watching me work, and you charting is how I uniquely bring together your experience to taking you to the next level.

John’s Students

Financial freedom awaits…

It took me less than 3 years to learn this stuff enough to become financially free. With my help, you can do the same in a much faster time period. Feel free to call or text me with any questions you have.

Need some questions answered? Speak to John directly.

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