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Psychology (Single Course)


Psychology – No matter who you are in this industry, this course will help you make it through to financial freedom. Without proper education to your emotional intelligence to trading you will never make it. Listen closely, listen often, listen until you fully grasp what is about to happen, or happening to you currently.

  • Live Webinars – Sunday @8pm EST
  • Path to Becoming a Professional
  • What Must I Become In Order for This to Work
  • What Can I Expect Within My First Year
  • The 3 P’s
  • More Life Intro
  • This Is All A Mirror
  • Live Vs. Demo
  • Being & Becoming
  • Trading is All About Connection

Support & Resistance (Single Course)


Support & Resistance – This is the markets true form. It is simple and basic. If you do not understand horizontal or diagonal support & resistance, marking up for the future set ups will evade you. This must be something you understand and master.

  • Live Webinars – Sunday @8pm EST
  • Trend Identification
  • How S/R Form & What It Means
  • 3 Touch Rule

Patterns (Single Course)


Patterns – Trading in any market wether it’s Forex, Stocks, or Crypto patterns happen often and always. It is a secret code that the markets speak. The patterns inside this course are giving you the exact formula to trade them the correct way in all markets.

  • Live Webinars – Sunday @8pm EST
  • The Market Does Not No Time + M Top & W Pattern
  • Head & Shoulders + Inverted
  • Triple Top + Inverted
  • ABCD Pattern

Fibonacci(Single Course)


Fibonacci – Brought back by popular demand! This is one of my favorite tools in trading. It helps you synchronize the markets movements in waves. It gives you almost pinpoint access to where the market is likely to stop and reverse at. When it is about to take off and start trending, then once it is going to reverse. This tool is one of my secrets to a trending market.

  • Live Webinars – Sunday @8pm EST
  • What Does Excitable Move Mean
  • Learning How To Read Fibonacci
  • How To Start Getting Married
  • How Do I Read Marriages
  • What To Expect Every Time Price Meets Your Marriage
  • The Art Of Precision
  • Sharpening Your Eyes
  • Visual Prowess Mastery

Ascension(Single Course)


Ascension – If none of this appeals to you in trading then you are already set in market reversal. You believe seeing different viewpoints do not matter to you. But yet you cannot be profitable.I would bet you that these videos I’ve put together here will be what sets you apart. If the psychology videos don’t, this will. Trading is 90% about what you are thinking / acting on the markets. The markets move “wild” on purpose and it throws you off your game. Watch as these videos give you the upper hand AS the market starts to “go against” you as it has in the past. These videos will take you past that mentality.

  • Live Webinars – Sunday @8pm EST
  • Habits.
  • You Are Water.
  • Drawdown explanation.
  • Risk Management Section.
  • Trade Management.
  • Brokers
  • The New Wave

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  • Live Webinars – Sunday @8pm EST
  • Psychology Training (9 lessons)
  • Support & Resistance Training (3 lessons)
  • Patterns Training (4 lessons)
  • Fibonacci Training (8 lessons)
  • Ascension Training (7 lessons)

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